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We report on an adjustable interferometric set-up for Scanning Microwave Microscopy. This interferometer is designed in order to combine simplicity, a relatively flexible choice of the frequency of interference used for measurements as well as the choice of impedances range where the interference occurs. A vectorial calibration method based on a modified(More)
We present a method to characterize sub-10 nm capacitors and tunnel junctions by interferometric scanning microwave microscopy (iSMM) at 7.8 GHz. At such device scaling, the small water meniscus surrounding the iSMM tip should be reduced by proper tip tuning. Quantitative impedance characterization of attofarad range capacitors is achieved using an(More)
In this work, the possibility to achieve GaN-on-Si devices for millimeter wave applications operating at high bias is demonstrated. It is shown that highly scaled AlN/GaN-on-Si double heterostructure enables to significantly improve the electron confinement under high electric field as compared to single heterostructure while delivering high carrier density(More)
A measurement of time domain waveforms using a commercial two ports mixer based NVNA to measure a non periodic repetitive radar pulse train as a periodic one was performed. Then for the first time a 20 GHz six port mixer based NVNA able to measure three different frequencies at the same time is designed and validated. This instrument allowed us to overcome(More)
A GaN Schottky Diode-based Analog Phase Shifter MMIC of T-topology has been designed for 35 GHz operation. An all E-Beam technology was employed for MMIC realization. The measured, as well modeled small and large-signal diode characteristics were used for evaluating the phase-shifter performance in view of its potential for robust power operation. The phase(More)
We report for the first time to our knowledge large-signal measurements performed at 600 MHz and in time domain on carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNFETs) using a large-signal network analyzer. To overcome the very high mismatch between the high CNFET impedance and the basic 50-Omega configuration of the setup, the output impedance was matched(More)
This paper describes an original silicon nLDEMOS transistor layout which allows improving the microwave power performances. Results of DC, small and large signal measurements are presented and compared between the standard and the original layouts. Regarding the power performances (power density, power added efficiency, power gain), this confrontation shows(More)
We demonstrate a W-band bolometer based on a platinum nano-strip which is integrated with a waveguide probe on a polymer substrate. We measure a high thermal response of 49000 K/W thanks to the small size of the Pt resistor and the thermal properties of the polymer. Furthermore, its small thermal capacity allows to decrease the time constant to 2.2 ms. A(More)
We report on AlN/GaN double heterostructures for high frequency applications. 600 hours preliminary reliability assessment has been performed on these emerging RF devices, showing promising millimeter-wave 100 nm gate length GaN-onSi device stability for the first time. A 150 nm AlN/GaN double heterostructure has been developed and evaluated on SiC(More)
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