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We studied 81 men (79 homosexuals and 2 drug abusers) with persistent lymphadenopathy to determine whether those at risk for AIDS-related opportunistic infections could be identified prospectively. (Sixty-nine of 76 [91 per cent] had antibodies to human T-cell lymphotropic virus Type III [HTLV-III], and 76 of 79 [96 per cent] had abnormal T4/T8 cell(More)
In susceptible BALB/c mice, systemic intracellular infection with Leishmania donovani provokes generation of adherent spleen cells which can suppress both mitogen- and specific-antigen-stimulated T-cell responses. To characterize the responsible suppressor cell, we irradiated (2,000 R) adherent spleen cells from L. donovani-infected mice or treated them(More)
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