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Opto-electronic components and their performances are well suited to be integrated in radar systems. In this paper, two optical architectures illustrate functions that are specific to optical processing of microwave signals, i.e., time-delay-based processing and arbitrary waveform generation of large frequency bandwidth signals.
Summary form only given. This paper describes a compact transceiver module that achieves an aggregate data rate of 2.5 Gb/s over 500m and 4 Gb/s over 300m of 62MMF using 4 WDM wavelength channels each running at 622 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s respectively. We believe that the types of components used can be inexpensive enough for practical use in local area networks.
Parallel optical interconnection technology can solve many of the current data bottlenecks that exist due to the ever growing Internet usage and the increasing speeds of processors. As a result many optoelectronic companies have begun to make parallel optical modules available with a variety of performances and costs. This paper will present an overview of(More)
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