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Recently, a pump beam size dependence of thermal conductivity was observed in Si at cryogenic temperatures using time-domain thermal reflectance (TDTR). These observations were attributed to quasiballistic phonon transport, but the interpretation of the measurements has been semi-empirical. Here we present a numerical study of the heat conduction that(More)
Tillage studies have shown that maximum, tillage-induced, aggregate breakdown occurs near the optimum water content on a Proctor compaction curve for the soil. Many soil databases do not contain Proctor data; therefore, prediction equations were developed to estimate the optimum water content, peak Proctor dry bulk density, and the Proctor compaction curve(More)
Recently, we proposed an active thermal extraction (ATX) scheme that enables thermally populated surface phonon polaritons to escape into the far-field. The concept is based on a fluorescence upconversion process that also occurs in laser cooling of solids (LCS). Here, we present a generalized analysis of our scheme using the theoretical framework for LCS.(More)
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