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In the paper, we present a novel linear transformation approach to frequency warping during vocal tract length normalisation(VTLN) using the idea of dynamic frequency warping(DFW). Linear transformation among the mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) provides computational advantage of not having to recompute features for each warp factor in VTLN. The(More)
This paper presents modeling and control of highly non linear system using manual pid and honeywell pid controller. Interacting two tank hybrid system (ITTHS) is considered as benchmark problem in this paper, where the aim is to control liquid level of tank. Control of liquid level in ITTHS is highly challenging due to variation in the area of cross(More)
Control of liquid level in the interacting nonlinear spherical tank due to the variation in the area of cross section with height is the basic problem in the industries. This paper presents the controlling of nonlinear interacting system using Skogestad PID controller. The system of two tanks is considered to be a second order system. Skogestad Proportional(More)
This paper deals with removal of errors due to various noise distributions in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensor data. A feed forward neural network is trained with Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) algorithm to nullify the effects of white Gaussian, exponential and Laplace noise distributions in CGM time series. The process and measurement noise(More)
The objective is to design controllers using different optimization techniques for pH Neutralization process. Controlling of pH in neutral region is an important process as small change in input gives the huge change in the output. The controller is designed using the Optimization techniques like BFO and PSO Algorithm. Comparison between BFO and PSO based(More)
  • Dr . Yashavntha Kumar, Dr . Sandeep Reddy, Dr . Niranthara Ganesh, D. Dinesh Kumar, Dr . Sivakumar Senthilmurugan
  • 2014
Introduction: Although Colles fracture are is the most common fracture treated by an orthopedic surgeon still various controversies remain regarding best method of treatment. There are numerous studies regarding optimal management of these fractures with variable results and conclusions. Closed reduction followed by plaster cast application and percutaneous(More)
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