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The possibility that memory is related to the collective rotational energy levels of the molecules is considered. Treating the molecule as a quantum rotator, the probability of the ''hidden-crossing'' transitions between rotational states, induced by the external periodic electric field, is analyzed. It is found that this probability depends on frequency(More)
Studies on the development of non-dairy probiotic foods and beverages are continuously emerging. Fruit and vegetable juices have proved to be promising carriers or growth media for probiotics. In this study, apple juice was explored as a growth medium for cultivation of the probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum PCS 26 strain. Fermentation was performed with(More)
The trans-lycopene content of fresh tomato homogenates was assessed by means of the laser photo-acoustic spectroscopy, the laser optothermal window, micro-Raman spectroscopy, and colorimetry; none of these methods require the extraction from the product matrix prior to the analysis. The wet chemistry method (high-performance liquid chromatography) was used(More)
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