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Developing countries are going through a demographic transition. Non-communicable diseases like hypertension are emerging in epidemic proportions. Education and awareness among people is the key to reduce the burden of the disease. To see the levels of awareness and characteristic of aware and unaware hypertensives, 7630 employees in Shimla town were(More)
A cross sectional study was carried out to assess immunisation coverage among 257 urban and 339 rural children aged 13-36 months who were vaccinated at pulse polio booths in Shimla hills. 84.37% urban children and 57.59% rural children were fully vaccinated. BCG scar was negative in a large number of children, especially from rural areas. Increasing(More)
A cross sectional study of 398 mothers and infants was conducted to assess the age at first breast feeding, and its determinants, in Shimla. We found that the timely first suckling rate was 0.10 in urban group and 0.11 in rural group. The median age at initiation of breast feeding was five hours among urban cases and four hours among rural cases. Most of(More)
A cross sectional study of 888 randomly selected subjects in Shimla town was done to determine prevalence of obesity, its relation to age and physical activity. The prevalence of obesity was 21.5% using cut off levels of BMI 25. The prevalence of obesity rose significantly with age. Obesity was less in those having moderate physical activity as compared to(More)
A random survey for determining the prevalence of NIDDM was conducted in the population aged 40 years and above of Shimla town. 1195 subjects were screened for estimation of NIDDM prevalence from seven randomly selected wards. The prevalence of NIDDM in age group 40 years and above was 4.86% (5.17% in males and 4.38% in females). NIDDM was found to be(More)
184 Sir, The contents of the past issues of the Journal are a reflection of how vibrant the specialty of preventive and social medicine/public health/community medicine has been and about the role it has played in improving the health status of the Indian population. Community medicine specialists should spearhead the movement to make public health as the(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the extent, epidemiological and clinical features of an epidemic of non-inflammatory encephalopathy in northern region of India. DESIGN Surveillance of referred cases having unconsciousness after a short bout of fever during October and November 1997. Case control study in 7 most affected villages. METHODS Active case finding was(More)
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