D. Dereudre

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General models of Gibbs Delaunay-Voronoi tessellations, which can be viewed as extensions of Ord’s process, are considered. The interaction may occur on each cell of the tessellation and between neighbour cells. The tessellation may also be subjected to a geometric hardcore interaction, forcing the cells not to be too large, too small, or too flat. This(More)
This paper studies a method to estimate the parameters governing the distribution of a stationary marked Gibbs point process. This procedure, known as the Takacs-Fiksel method, is based on the estimation of the left and right hand sides of the Georgii-Nguyen-Zessin formula and leads to a family of estimators due to the possible choices of test functions. We(More)
Abstract The Quermass-interaction model allows to generalise the classical germ-grain Boolean model in adding a morphological interaction between the grains. It enables to model random structures with specific morphologies which are unlikely to be generated from a Boolean model. The Quermass-interaction model depends in particular on an intensity parameter,(More)
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