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Small-scale multiprocessors are becoming increasingly economical and common, whereas larger multiprocessors continue to have higher per-node costs. The NUMAchine multiprocessor project seeks to make large-scale multiprocessors more economical while maintaining high performance by exploring architectural and hardware features for low-cost, modular(More)
The reverse redistribution phenomenon (RR) with the apparent worsening of a stress-induced defect or appearance of a new area of relative hypoperfusion does not always indicate coronary artery disease as previously suggested. RR does not correlate closely with the degree of coronary artery disease, nor with the location of the stenosis. Multiple mechanisms(More)
T CDMA cellular radio system was designed to operate within the same radio frequency spectrum as the older (preceding) advanced mobile phone system (AMPS ) system in the U.S. cellular band. The RF scheme for AMPS employs many closely spaced and relatively narrowband FM channels. By contrast, the RF scheme for CDMA employs fewer, and relatively wideband RF(More)
Bone scans using Tc-99m diphosphonate were found to become abnormal within 2 weeks after laminectomy in less than half of patients regardless of the extent of the operation. The degree of new uptake equaled that of the sacroiliac joints in only one of 19 patients with a normal preoperative scan. However, the Ga-67 citrate scan usually became abnormal (89%)(More)
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