D. Davide Lamanna

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Application or web services are increasingly being used across organisational boundaries. Moreover, new services are being introduced at the network and storage level. Languages to specify interfaces for such services have been researched and transferred into industrial practice. We investigate end-to-end quality of service (QoS) and highlight that QoS(More)
SLAng is an XML language for defining service levelagreements, the part of a contract between the client andprovider of an Internet service that describes the quality attributesthat the service is required to possess. We definethe semantics of SLAng precisely by modelling the syntax ofthe language in UML, then relating the language model toa model that(More)
Utility computing can occur at different levels. From Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) paradigm, Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) paradigm can be derived: desktops can be transformed into a cost-effective, scalable and comfortable subscription service. In VDD, desktop virtual machines are instantiated on a server and then provided to clients as a whole, on demand,(More)
Diffusion of ICTs created the issue of an enormus quantity of old computers to be discarded (e-Waste). Sustainable dismantle is becoming a global enviromental emergency. In this scenario, Trashware movement is spreading worldwide to give to computers the correct time of obsolescence and to face the ecological problem related to e-waste. Workgroups aim to(More)
Although the sector of renewable energies has gained a significant role, companies still encounter considerable barriers to scale up their business. This is partly due to the way data and information are (wrongly) managed. Often, data is: partially available, noisy, inconsistent, sparse in heterogeneous sources, unstructured, represented through nonstandard(More)
Obsolete hardware can be effectively reused through intelligent software optimization, which is possible only when source code is available. Virtual Distro Dispatcher (VDD) is a system that produces virtual machines on a central server and projects them on a number of costless physical terminals. VDD is the result of an extreme software optimisation based(More)