D. D. Petrunin

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Specific protein, thermostable alpha-globulin, was found with the use of immunochemical analysis in carbon eluents after hemosorption in patients with autoimmune diseases. It is suggested that positive clinical effect of hemosorption might be determined by sorption of thermostable alpha-globulin from the patients' blood.
Analysis of the use of real-time PCR with fluorescent registration of results for gene diagnosis of infectious diseases showed that the sensitivity and reliability of quantitative evaluation of DNA targets directly depended on the method of purification of oligonucleotide probes. Chromatographic behavior of synthetic probes carrying various fluorophores and(More)
A comparative analysis of radioimmunoassay (RIA) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) techniques in determining placental protein 14 (PP14) levels in gynecologic patients was performed. Serum PP14 levels were assessed in the patients in the last period of gestation, during menopause and in healthy nonpregnant controls. The possible discrepancy in(More)
An organospecific alpha2-globulin of human placenta was identified with the aid of immunochemical analysis. This antigen differed immunologically from the alpha2- and beta1-globulins of pregnancy, alpha-fetoprotein, placental lactogen, and chorionic gonadotropin. High level of the antigen revealed was found in the placental tissue and the amniotic fluid at(More)
A study was made of a possibility of specific sorption of HIV-1 infected cells with gamma-fraction of AIDS patients' serum containing high titer-specific antibodies, immobilized on the silica matrix (C-3). The laboratory tests were made with the use of the monocyte culture [symbol: see text] chronically infected with HIV-1. In addition to a decrease of the(More)
Sorption of specific immunoglobulins in the most obvious mechanism of the detoxicating effect of haemosorption in autoimmune diseases. Biochemical analyses of blood from patients with psoriasis showed that content of immunoglobulins was not distinctly altered before and after haemosorption. Determination of the protein spectrum to find the absorbed(More)
Imbalance in the interaction of mechanisms of innate and adaptive immunity rather than selective defect of each of the links is a determinant of the development of basal-cell carcinoma of this or that form of immunopathology or that of transformation of one to another form. The lecture gives notions on immunological phenotypes and the parameters of innate(More)
Immunosorbents specifically binding native (gp160, gp120, gp41) and recombinant env proteins and HIV-I virions were synthesized on the basis of Sepharose 4B and Silica with immobilized ligands such as gamma-fraction of rabbit antiserum to HIV-I proteins and purified antibodies to env proteins of HIV-I. The possibility was shown of selective extraction of(More)