D. D. Karunaratna

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In this paper a knowledge base structure to support multiple view generation over a federation of loosely-coupled heterogeneous databases available over a computer network is described. In such a federation user information requirements change and evolve as their awareness of the contents of the federation improves. This means that users need diierent(More)
There is a boost in the interest on ontology with the developments in Semantic Web technologies. Ontologies play a vital role in semantic web. Even though there is lot of work done on ontology, still a standard framework for ontology engineering has not been defined. Even though current ontology engineering methodologies are available they need(More)
E-learning has become an integral part in higher education in the last decade. The emerging multimedia information technologies will allow researchers to identify new ways to store, retrieve, share, and manipulate complex information which are expected to be used for building exciting new e-learning applications. The focus of this paper is on video based(More)
Facial soft tissue thickness (FSTT) is essential to forensic anthropologists for facial reconstructionrecreating a recognizable face from an unidentified skull and to plastic surgeons for treatment planning. Together with the age and sex of a person, the facial profile is related to facial soft tissue thickness, which is required for accurate facial(More)
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