D. D. Ensley

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—This paper explores the use of wavelets to improve the selection of discriminant features in the target recognition problem using high range resolution (HRR) radar signals in an air to air scenario. We show that there is statistically no difference among four different wavelet families in extracting discriminatory features. Since similar results can be(More)
The hidden layer neurons in a multi-layered feed-forward neural network serve a critical role. From one perspective, the hidden layer neurons establish (linear) decision boundaries in the feature space. These linear decision boundaries are then combined by succeeding layers leading to convex-open and thereafter arbitrarily shaped decision boundaries. In(More)
The Region of Interest (ROI) detection stage of an Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) System serves the crucial role of identifying candidate regions which may have potential targets. The large variability in clutter (noise or countermeasures which provide target like characteristics) complicate the task of developing accurate ROI determination algorithms.(More)
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