D. Curtis Jamison

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Gene expression databases contain a wealth of information, but current data mining tools are limited in their speed and effectiveness in extracting meaningful biological knowledge from them. Online analytical processing (OLAP) can be used as a supplement to cluster analysis for fast and effective data mining of gene expression databases. We used Analysis(More)
MOTIVATION The construction of physical maps based on bacterial clones [e.g. bacterial artificial chromosomes (BACs)] is valuable for a number of molecular genetics applications, including the high-resolution mapping of genomic regions of interest and the identification of clones suitable for systematic sequencing. A common approach for large-scale(More)
MOTIVATION Splice variation plays important roles in evolution and cancer. Different splice variants of a gene may be characteristic of particular cellular processes, subcellular locations or organs. Although several genomic projects have identified splice variants, there have been no large-scale computational studies of the relationship between number of(More)
Database federation enables biological researchers to utilize resources more effectively, creating an environment in which the researcher can query multiple data sources without spending time learning new query mechanisms or issuing redundant queries which need to be integrated. Several mechanisms exist to federate databases. The ENQUire system is a network(More)
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