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Giardia duodenalis is a well recognised enteropathogen, while Dientamoeba fragilis is rarely detected and consequently it is not recognised as an important human pathogen. In 2002-2003, a survey has been carried out on enteroparasites in faecal samples of outpatients attending a day care centre in the town of Perugia (Central Italy). To improve the(More)
Dientamoeba fragilis is a common intestinal parasite in humans. Transmission routes and natural host range are unknown. To determine whether pigs are hosts, we analyzed 152 fecal samples by microscopy and molecular methods. We confirmed that pigs are a natural host and harbor genotypes found in humans, suggesting zoonotic potential.
A cytotoxin inducing vacuolation in HEp-2 cells was detected in 19 (3.1%) of 618 stool specimens from children with diarrhea but in none of 135 from control children. Common enteric pathogens were found in only two (10.5%) of the 19 cytotoxin-positive stool specimens. The vacuoles induced by stool filtrates resembled those induced by the vacuolating toxin(More)
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