D . Creissen

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BACKGROUND Intermittent claudication due to peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAOD) is a common cause of pain and disability in the middle-aged. Clinical trials of the potent vasodilator prostaglandin E1 have been disappointing. This is the first report of a controlled clinical trial of AS-0:3, a novel prodrug of prostaglandin E1 incorporated into(More)
s of Main Presentations The isolation of DNA repair mutants in mouse cells S. Shall, B. Murray, J. Irwin, D. Creissen, M. Tavassoli & F. Farzaneh Cell and Molecular Biology Laboratory, University of Sussex, Brighton, East Sussex BNI 9QG, UK. ADP-ribosylation of chromatin proteins has been shown to participate in DNA excision repair in all nucleated cells.(More)
Variants of mouse leukaemia L1210 cells have been isolated in which cytotoxicity to dimethyl sulphate is not fully potentiated by ADP-ribosyl transferase inhibitor 3-aminobenzamide, as occurs in normal L1210 cells. These variants were selected after mutagenesis by growing the cells in dimethyl sulphate and 3-aminobenzamide. The characterisation of one of(More)
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