D Coverley

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We have investigated the mechanism which prevents reinitiation of DNA replication within a single cell cycle by exploiting the observation that intact G2 HeLa nuclei do not replicate in Xenopus egg extract, unless their nuclear membranes are first permeabilized (Leno et al., 1992). We have asked if nuclear membrane permeabilization allows escape of a(More)
Intact nuclei from G2-phase mammalian cells will replicate their DNA in Xenopus egg extract if they are preexposed to the protein kinase inhibitor 6-dimethylaminopurine in vivo (Coverley et al., Exp. Cell Res. 225, 294-300, 1996). Here, we demonstrate that this competence to rereplicate is accompanied by alterations in the subcellular distribution of the(More)
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