D. Clark

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The determination of triboelectric properties of the Martian dust would be critical for future human and robotic missions to Mars. Several major studies relating to future missions to Mars have highlighted the significance of electrostatic charge accumulation and its impact on various aspects of the mission due to tribocharging of the Mars dust. The(More)
The impact of light and nutrients (such as silicate and iron) availability on nitrogen uptake and primary production vary seasonally and regionally in the Southern Ocean. The seasonal cycle of nitrogen uptake by phytoplankton in the Southern Ocean is not fully resolved over an annual scale due to the lack of winter in situ measurements. In this study,(More)
Phosphite application mitigates diseases caused by oomycete plant pathogens. Tissue concentrations of phosphite above 1 mM are generally required for disease protection. Determining the concentration of phosphite in plant material requires extensive extraction and derivatisation procedures prior to separation by gas–liquid chromatography (GLC). This paper(More)
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