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As the speed and the dynamic range of computer networks evolve, the issue of ecient trac management becomes increasingly important. This work describes an approach to trac management using explicit rate information provided to the source by the network. We present an asynchronous distributed algorithm for optimal rate calculation across the network, where(More)
Although human perception of food flavors involves integration of multiple sensory inputs, the most salient sensations are taste and olfaction. Ortho- and retronasal olfaction are particularly crucial to flavor because they provide the qualitative diversity so important to identify safe versus dangerous foods. Historically, flavor research has prioritized(More)
In this paper we present a system for the automatic detection and tracking of metallic objects concealed on moving people in sequences of millimetre-wave (MMW) images. The millimetre-wave sensor employed has been demonstrated for use in covert detection because of its ability to see through clothing, plastics and fabrics. The system employs two distinct(More)
Phosphite application mitigates diseases caused by oomycete plant pathogens. Tissue concentrations of phosphite above 1 mM are generally required for disease protection. Determining the concentration of phosphite in plant material requires extensive extraction and derivatisation procedures prior to separation by gas–liquid chromatography (GLC). This paper(More)
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