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— This paper presents an Object oriented feature extraction approach in order to classify the linear features like drainage, roads etc. from high resolution Indian satellite imageries. It starts with the multiresolution segmentations of image objects for optimal separation and representation of image regions or objects. Fuzzy membership functions were(More)
The economy of the North Eastern States has remained dominantly agriculture based. While the potential for development of the rural economy of the region through agriculture is vast, this sector has not made much progress as compared to the rest of the country due to various reasons. In an age of liberalization of the economy and globalization, modern(More)
During last few decades, significant efforts have been made to investigate the effectiveness of the conventional multispectral classification approaches on hyperspectral data. Object-based classification approaches have been investigated in the classification of high spatial resolution satellite data and found to be more efficient as compared to the other(More)
This paper reviews the comparative performance of Support Vector Machine (SVM) using four different kernels, i.e., Linear, Polynomial, Radial Basis Function (RBF) and Sigmoid. Overall accuracy (OA), Kappa Index Analysis (KIA), Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) and Precision (P) have been considered as evaluation parameters in order to assess the(More)
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