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T cell immunoglobulin-domain and mucin-domain (TIM) proteins constitute a receptor family that was identified first on kidney and liver cells; recently it was also shown to be expressed on T cells. TIM-1 and -3 receptors denote different subsets of T cells and have distinct regulatory effects on T cell function. Ferritin is a spherical protein complex that(More)
By homology to triggering receptor expressed by myeloid cells-2, we screened the mouse expressed sequence tag database and isolated a new single Ig domain receptor, which we have expressed and characterized. The receptor is most similar in sequence to the human CMRF-35 receptor, and thus we have named it CMRF-35-like molecule (CLM)-1. By screening the mouse(More)
We recently reported the cloning of two triggering receptors expressed by myeloid cells (TREM), TREM-2a and TREM-2b, which are highly homologous to each other. These receptors associate with DAP12, and ligation of TREM-2 on the surface of macrophages leads to the release of nitric oxide. Using the immunoglobulin (Ig) domain of TREM-2 to screen a mouse EST(More)
Degenerate oligonucleotide primers were employed in PCRs to clone protein tyrosine kinases that may play potential roles in the development of the mammalian CNS. Using one PCR clone to screen a mouse eye cDNA library, a full-length cDNA of a cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase, the homolog of human JAK1, was obtained. The murine JAK1 kinase belongs to a new family(More)
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