D. Chris Elliott

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OBJECTIVE The authors evaluate in a retrospective fashion the factors influencing outcome in a large group of patients presenting with necrotizing soft tissue infections, and, based on this analysis, propose a plan for optimal care of such patients. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA In many smaller series of patients with necrotizing soft tissue infections, similar(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether lactate levels and base deficits in critically ill surgical intensive care unit (SICU) patients correlate and whether either measure is a significant indicator of mortality and morbidity. METHODS A review was made of 137 SICU patients who had serial lactate and blood gas measurements. Patients were stratified by absolute(More)
OBJECTIVE A large number of necrotizing soft tissue infections (NSTI) treated at a single institution over an 8-year period were analyzed with respect to microbial pathogens recovered, treatment administered, and outcome. Based on this analysis, optimal empiric antibiotic coverage is proposed. METHODS A retrospective chart review of all patients with(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies advocate the use of diagnostic laparoscopy (DL) for abdominal trauma, but none have documented its ability to diagnose specific injuries. This study tests the hypothesis that DL can accurately identify all significant intra-abdominal injuries in trauma patients. METHODS Of trauma patients requiring laparotomy for presumed(More)
The records of 92 patients with flail chest injury treated at a Level I trauma center were analyzed retrospectively. Associated intrathoracic injuries included pulmonary contusion (46 percent) and pneumothorax or hemothorax, or both (70 percent). The incidence of great vessel, tracheobronchial and diaphragmatic injuries was no different from that of a(More)
To further our understanding of factors underlying geographic variation in health and the potential role of availability of and access to health services, we sought to quantify the geographic variation in health services use in the province of Nova Scotia. For the period 1996 to 1999 we examined the variation in the use of health services across 64(More)
The above discussion brings together a vast body of data that together proclaim with fervent clarity: Traumatic injuries are expensive. The expense is paid in productive lives lost, in permanent disability, in pain and suffering, and in health care resources consumed. As local and regional trauma systems struggle for development and survival, competition(More)
BACKGROUND Complication rates for laparoscopic bariatric surgery remain in evolution. METHODS Single institution review of the initial year's experience with laparoscopic gastric bypass compared with open gastric bypass complications for the same period. RESULTS There were 20 laparoscopic and 52 open gastric bypass procedures. Five laparoscopic patients(More)
Thirty-four sheep were infected with nematode parasites (Trichostrongylus spp. and Ostertagia circumcincta) during central incisor formation. The tooth enamel was examined for defects of mineralization at eruption and compared with that of 14 control sheep. The type and number of parasites given, the duration of the infection and the age of the sheep were(More)