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With a vapor-cell magneto-optical trap (VCMOT) atoms are trapped directly from the equilibrium vapor at room temperature without the complication of a precooling stage. The background vapor, however, can also be a source of energetic atoms hitting and ejecting those atoms already trapped. The background collision limits trap confinement time /spl tau/ and(More)
Figure 1 to Figure 7 show the additional results of our contents-aware projection method with the results of other projection methods to compare the performance qualitatively. For clear comparison of the proposed contents-aware projection method, we collected additional 360◦ images from the web. We used automatically extracted line segments and salient(More)
The energy shift of an atom due to its interaction with the oscillating electric field of an electromagnetic wave, or a laser light, is called the ac Stark shift. It has been studied both in the field of precision spectroscopy and atom optics. When the laser intensity is not constant spatially, its gradient gives rise to a dipole force. The force was used(More)
To watch 360° videos on normal 2D displays, we need to project the selected part of the 360° image onto the 2D display plane. In this paper, we propose a fully-automated framework for generating content-aware 2D normal-view perspective videos from 360° videos. Especially, we focus on the projection step preserving important image contents and(More)
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