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The shape of an object is very important in object recognition. Shape matching is a challenging problem, especially when articulation and deformation of a part occur. These variations may be insignificant for human recognition but often cause a matching algorithm to give results that are inconsistent with our perception. In this paper, we propose an(More)
Most of the Biomedical applications use dedicated processors for the implementation of complex signal processing. Among them, sensor network is also a type, which has the constraint of low power consumption. Since the processing elements are the most copiously used operations in the signal processors, the power consumption of this has the major impact on(More)
This paper develops Fuzzy inventory model to determine the relevant profit maximizing decision variable values. The model proposed is based on individual profits of vendor and buyer and joint total profit of them which finds out optimal ordering quantity, selling price and shipment policies. Shortages are allowed for both of them. Production rate, ordering(More)
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