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SR 121463A, a potent and selective, orally active, nonpeptide vasopressin V2 receptor antagonist, has been characterized in several in vitro and in vivo models. This compound displayed highly competitive and selective affinity for V2 receptors in rat, bovine and human kidney (0.6 < or = Ki [nM] < or = 4.1). In this latter preparation, SR 121463A potently(More)
Solder joints in microelectronic are used for electrical signals transmission, heat conduction and structural support. One of the key problems referring to solders in microelectronics is reliability due to typical failure modes as creep and fatigue. The above paper focuses on the experimental measurements and corresponding analysis with the microindentation(More)
Last decades in reliability prototyping of microelectronic devices show that from a long time there is no good solution to examine it in relatively short time and small expenditure of costs. Currently all thermo-mechanical reliability processes are long-lasting and costly. With using only the most dominating failure mode and cyclic loadings tests can last(More)
Purpose – The aim of this work is the use of specially designed, authoring device to evaluate the strength of solder alloys commonly used in all kinds of electronic and electrical devices that are used in various fields of economic and industrial development to shorten the testing period. By obtaining answers to pervade science questions on how to properly(More)
A new reversed passive hemagglutination test for HBsAg, termed Raphadex B, has been developed using immunochemically purified chimpanzee anti-HBs bound to stabilized human erythrocytes. The test has been found to have equivalent sensitivity to the Ausria 125I radioimmunoassay, and detected a similar number of HBsAg-containing specimens in screening of(More)
Properties of elasticity, hardness and viscosity are determined for the study of the visco-elastoplastic behavior of bones. The mechanical properties are compared in two upright sections of the bone due to their anisotropy. Besides, influence of hydration treatments leading to structural modifications of collagen and ground substance contents of bones on(More)
Two selective radioligands for oxytocin receptors, [3H]-[4-threonine,7-glycine]oxytocin [( 3H]-[Thr4,Gly7]OT) and 125I-[1-(beta-mercapto-beta,beta-cyclopentamethylenepropionic acid), 2-(O-methyl)tyrosine, 4-threonine, 8-ornithine, 9-tyrosine amide]-oxytocin (125I-OTA), were used to characterize oxytocin receptors from two pig kidney-derived cell lines,(More)
In this report we present an evaluation of the sensitivity, specificity and ability to detect HBs Ag carriers of a new reversed passive hemagglutination test, using immunochemically purified chimpanzee anti HBs bound to stabilized human erythrocytes. The method was shown to have a sensitivity equal (within one two fold dilution) to that of the Ausria I 125(More)