D. Chandrasekara Reddy

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The parameters of various morphologies of ECG waveform are basic in characterizing them as normal or otherwise. The use of multiscale analysis, through biorthogonal wavelets presented in this paper, appears very promising for such a characterization. This is on account of the fact that various morphologies are excited better at different scales. From these(More)
— In wireless, satellite, and space communication systems, reducing error is critical. High bit error rates of the wireless communication system require employing various coding methods on the data transferred. Channel coding for error detection and correction helps the communication system designers to reduce the effects of a noisy transmission channel.(More)
Sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) is an important biofuel crop that produces both food (grain) and biofuel (from stalk juice). The objective of this investigation was to assess the effect of different crushing treatments on juice extraction and sugar quality traits of sweet sorghum cultivars grown in different seasons. Three sweet sorghum(More)
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