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OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of a combination estradiol plus norethindrone acetate transdermal delivery system given in a continuous sequential regimen with transdermal estradiol versus placebo in the treatment of vasomotor symptoms of menopause. STUDY DESIGN This was a 12-week double-blind trial of 220(More)
Systolic blood pressure typically decreases during adenosine infusion because of stimulation of A2b receptors, resulting in systemic vasodilation. This study examined the results of adenosine single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) thallium-201 imaging in patients who did not show such a decrease in blood pressure during peak adenosine effect(More)
The double-port infusion protocol during adenosine thallium imaging involves the use of two infusion systems, one for adenosine and one for thallium. The single-port infusion protocol, on the other hand, uses one infusion system; both adenosine and thallium are injected via a "Y" connection. This study examined the possibility that the single infusion(More)
During the Mueller maneuver, there is a decrease in intrathoracic pressure and an increase in transmural left ventricular pressure. The changes in loading conditions cause transient left ventricular dysfunction. This study examined the effects of the Mueller maneuver on left ventricular performance using tantalum (Ta)-178 (half-life 9.3 min) and a multiwire(More)
Single-photon emission computed tomographic imaging with technetium-99m teboroxime during exercise has been found to be feasible and the results correlate with those obtained with thallium-201. This study examined the feasibility of this technique and compared tomographic imaging with technetium-99m teboroxime during adenosine-induced coronary hyperemia(More)
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a clinically diagnosed, heterogeneous, neurodevelopmental condition, whose underlying causes have yet to be fully determined. A variety of studies have investigated either cortical, subcortical, or cerebellar anatomy in ASD, but none have conducted a complete examination of all neuroanatomical parameters on a single, large(More)
This study examines the prognostic implications of normal exercise tomographic thallium images in medically treated patients with angiographic evidence of coronary artery disease (CAD). There were 97 patients aged 60 +/- 10 years; 52 had 1-, 30 had 2-, and 15 had 3-vessel CAD (> or = 50% diameter stenosis). The exercise test was submaximal in 51 patients(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies show sex-related differences in left ventricular (LV) response to exercise. It is not clear, however, whether these differences are also seen in younger healthy subjects. METHODS AND RESULTS This study examined the changes in LV performance during dynamic upright exercise in 11 healthy men and 19 healthy young women according(More)
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