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BACKGROUND This study investigates the use of TomoDirect™ 3DCRT for whole breast adjuvant radiotherapy (AWBRT) that represents a very attractive treatment opportunity, mainly for radiotherapy departments without conventional Linacs and only equipped with helical tomotherapy units. METHODS Plans were created for 17 breast cancer patients using TomoDirect(More)
Radiation therapy delivered with hypofractionation, which involves the delivery of a higher dose per fraction in fewer fractions (generally with a lower total nominal dose) over a shorter overall treatment time, is an established therapeutic option at least for a selected group of early breast cancer patients after breast-conserving surgery. Optimal(More)
S. Winograd's papers "On computing the discrete Fourier transform" (1976 and 1978) allow one to know the minimum number of multiplications to compute a DFT if the length is a power of a prime and to build such algorithms for small lengths. It is suggested that longer transforms be 'built up' with the short algorithms. For this Winograd proposes and Kolba &(More)
BACKGROUND Non-sinonasal neuroendocrine carcinomas (NSNECs) of the head and neck are considered an unfrequent clinico-pathological entity. Combined modality treatment represents an established therapeutic option for undifferentiated forms where distant metastasis is a common pattern of failure. METHODS We report on a case of NSNEC treated with sequential(More)
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