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The bradycardia evoked by electrical stimulation of the peripheral cut end of the rabbit vagus nerve is mediated by both myelinated and non-myelinated fibres. The purpose of this study was to assess the effects of non-myelinated fibres on heart rate in the rabbit using selective electrical stimulation techniques. In 8 rabbits selective activation of(More)
Previous studies from this laboratory have established that electrical stimulation of non-myelinated axons in the rabbit vagus nerve produces a bradycardia which is unaffected by the nicotinic ganglion blocker hexamethonium. The present study was undertaken to determine whether this effect is mediated by afferent or efferent axons. A unilateral supranodose(More)
The bradycardia and reduction in atrial contraction on electrical stimulation of the peripheral cut end of the vagus nerve in the cat have been attributed solely to the action of myelinated fibres. In the rabbit however, recruitment of non-myelinated fibres produces an additional prolonged bradycardia. The objective of this investigation was to examine the(More)
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