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Using the murine BW5147 tumor model system, we have identified 3 MAbs that discriminate between metastatic and non-metastatic BW5147-derived T-cell hybridomas and BW5147-unrelated T-lymphomas. The 3 rat MAbs appear to recognize an identical membrane-associated sialoglycoprotein with an approximate molecular weight of 95-100 kDa. We thus defined "metastatic(More)
BW 5147 lymphoma cells are non-invasive tumor cells which do not generate experimental metastases following i.v. inoculation. In contrast, s.c. and intra-splenic (i.s.) growth of BW cells resulted in widespread colonization of liver and spleen. Cells derived from either s.c. tumors or metastatic lesions did generate metastases after i.v. administration. The(More)
Cell lines differing in their malignant potential have been derived from the murine BW5147 T-cell lymphosarcoma. To evaluate the involvement of chromosomal aberrations in tumor progression within this model, we have analyzed the karyotypes and the in vitro invasiveness of 13 related nonmetastatic and metastatic variants. Giemsa banding revealed the presence(More)
The metastatic phenotype (M+) is determined by the expression of the invasive (I+) and growth (G+) phenotypes at various sites along the metastatic pathway. The G, I and M phenotypes are not confined to tumor cells and may be expressed by normal cells, such as leukocytes, under certain physiological conditions. The study of the I and M phenotypes of(More)
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