D C Teta

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Demonstrated that through brief demythologizing, college students' (N = 32) attitudes toward mental illness could be changed significantly in a non-medical model or psychosocial direction and that this attitude change apparently induced students to report a significantly reduced fear of contracting mental illness. Pretest-follow-up data comparisons(More)
To initially establish the validity and utility of a simplified use of the Semantic Differential to measure psychotherapy outcome, 14 clients were administered, before and after 15 sessions of individual psychotherapy, the Semantic Differential and a symptom checklist. As predicted, results indicated that change of clients' self-constructs in a positive(More)
In an attempt to change attitudes toward mental illness, as well as to increase positive self-attributions, 37 community residents were presented a series of "demythologizing" seminars. As predicted, the data indicated that seminar participants significantly changed their attitudes in the direction of an antimedical model position, and these attitudes(More)
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