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The split hand-split foot (SHSF) malformation affects the central rays of the upper and lower limbs. It presents either as an isolated defect or in association with other skeletal or non-skeletal abnormalities. An autosomal SHSF locus (SHFM1) was previously mapped to 7q22.1. We report the mapping of a second autosomal SHSF locus to 10q24-->25. A panel of(More)
FG syndrome is a rare X-linked recessive form of mental retardation, first described by Opitz and Kaveggia in 1974 in five related males with mental retardation, disproportionately large heads, imperforate anus, and congenital hypotonia. Partial agenesis of the corpus callosum was noted in at least one of the initial cases and has been seen in a number of(More)
We identified a family with three males in two generations with moderate mental retardation. The two oldest were first cousins whose mothers were sisters. The third affected was a grandson through a daughter of one of the sisters, strongly suggesting X- linked inheritance. The affected males had prominent glabella, synophrys, prognathism, generalized(More)
The genes for human and mouse Suppressor of Fused (SU(FU)/Su(Fu)) in the Hedgehog signaling pathway were characterized and found to contain 12 exons. Human SU(FU) localized on chromosome 10q24-25 between the markers D10S192 and AFM183XB12. We detected three additional SU(FU) isoforms, two of which have lost their ability to interact with the transcription(More)
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