D. C. Smith

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The concentration of cellular oestrogen receptor (RE) was measured in both the soluble and nuclear-pellet fractions of biopsies from 1,000 breast cancers. Data suggest that functional steroid RE is always in equilibrium between the soluble and nuclear fractions. However, biopsies from only one-third of patients contained detectable amounts of high-affinity(More)
The relationship between oestrogen receptor (RE) content of primary breast cancer and subsequent prognosis was examined with regard to nodal status. It was found that, within a particular nodal group, patients with tumours containing fully functional RE experienced a longer disease-free interval than those with RE- disease. An earlier observation that RE-(More)
This study investigates Information Systems (IS) personnel turnover in South Africa. The results indicate that there is significant positive correlation between job satisfaction, career satisfaction and organisational commitment, whereby individuals experiencing job satisfaction are more likely to be committed to their organisation and experience career(More)
Sequential biopsies of breast cancer tissue were obtained from a total of 210 women in order to assess any change in oestrogen receptor (ER) status arising spontaneously or as a result of intervening therapy. A combined assay measuring both cytosol and nuclear oestrogen receptors was used for all samples. One hundred and fifty-five patients had biopsies of(More)
Tak Tent is a cancer support organisation consisting of 14 groups of which 11 are based in Scotland. In 1985, a survey was conducted among those attending the Scottish groups. 146 (79%) of the groups' members completed survey questionnaires. The results showed that Tak Tent's membership mainly comprised cancer patients (36%), relatives of patients (34%) and(More)
IN THE current medical nomenclature of the English-speaking world the term typhus refers to a small group of acute febrile diseases characterized by central nervous system involvement and skin eruptions, caused by rickettsial infection; while in several European languages the word typhus persists as a larger generic term to describe many symptomatically(More)
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