D. C. Meister

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Yb<sup>3+</sup>-doped silicate fibers are commonly employed in optical systems utilizing fiber lasers and amplifiers. Deployment of such materials and systems in space-based and other adverse radiation environments requires knowledge of their response to fluxes of ionizing radiation. This paper reports the results of gamma radiation exposures on a suite of(More)
The effect of ionizing-radiation fields on optical materials is predominantly seen in changes in the transmission properties of the materials. Both transient and permanent photodarkening can occur in passive and active optical elements as a result of exposure to either short-pulsed or steady-state radiation. In laser materials, such as YAG, such induced(More)
The proliferation of optical elements in systems that are subject to harsh ionizing radiation environments prompts the need for commercially available radiation-hard materials, such as laser materials. In the present study, changes in the material optical absorption are compared for a suite of single-crystal YAG, Nd<sup>3+</sup>:YAG, and(More)
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