D. C. Leigh

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The subject of this paper is a numerical procedure for the computation of the variables of axisymmetric rotational flow at a shock wave in a flow field computed by the method of characteristics. The procedure can be extended to the method of characteristics in three independent variables.
The method of characteristics for axisymmetric flow is described in Sears (1) and elsewhere and it has been programmed to various degrees for several computing machines. We wish to describe here an extensive project in use on the IBM 701 at Convair, Fort Worth. The method of characteristics for axisymmetric flow is a method of computing the exact solution(More)
Mechanically interlocked molecules such as rotaxanes are fascinating for their potential in molecular-scale devices. Rotaxane, stimuli-responsive "molecular shuttles" are molecules where a macrocyclic "bead" is locked onto a linear "thread" by bulky "stoppers". Large amplitude motion of the macrocycle can be induced by external stimuli (e.g. light,(More)
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