D. C. Hu

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A sensitive radioimmunoassay for atrial natriuretic peptide was used to examine the relation between circulating atrial natriuretic peptide and cardiac filling pressure in normal human subjects, in patients with cardiovascular disease and normal cardiac filling pressure, and in patients with cardiovascular disease and elevated cardiac filling pressure with(More)
This paper presents an approach for pedestrian detection in the nighttime driving with a normal camera. Bright objects in the video are extracted with an adaptive thresholding segmentation algorithm. Then, the size, position, and shape of each object are analyzed to judge whether it is a pedestrian. A tracking module is used to verify the result at last.(More)
The basic content to instruct graduation design (thesis) through co-operative education of university and corporation is to develop and improve the overall quality of students' integrated capabilities and focused on employment competitive ability. This pattern fully uses school and society that are two kinds of different education environments and resources(More)
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