D. C. Hodgson

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Treatment for medulloblastoma during childhood impairs neurocognitive function in survivors. While those diagnosed at younger ages are most vulnerable, little is known about the long-term neurocognitive, functional, and physical outcomes in survivors as they approach middle age. In this retrospective cohort study, we assessed 20 adults who were treated with(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative mortality after some types of cancer surgery is inversely related to the number of operations performed at a hospital (i.e., hospital volume). This study assessed the association of hospital volume with colostomy rates and survival for patients with rectal cancer in a large representative cohort identified from the California Cancer(More)
While the management and prognosis of colorectal cancer are largely dependent on clinical features such as tumor stage, there is considerable variation in treatment and outcome not explained by traditional prognostic factors. To guide efforts by researchers and health-care providers to improve quality of care, we review studies of variation in treatment and(More)
BACKGROUND Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) survivors who undergo radiotherapy experience increased risks of second cancers (SC) and cardiac sequelae. To reduce such risks, extended-field radiotherapy (RT) for HL has largely been replaced by involved field radiotherapy (IFRT). While it has generally been assumed that IFRT will reduce SC risks, there are few data(More)
When solving a partial dierential equation on a MIMD distributed memory computer there arises the problem of distributing the mesh so that the communication requirement of the numerical solver is minimised subject to a load balancing constraint. In this paper we introduce a new algorithm for this partitioning problem for unstructured meshes and study its(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe cancer screening rates for cancer survivors and compare them with those for matched controls. DESIGN Population-based, retrospective study with individuals linked across administrative databases. SETTING Ontario. PARTICIPANTS Survivors of breast (n = 11 219), colorectal (n = 4348), or endometrial (n = 3473) cancer, or Hodgkin(More)
BACKGROUND Smoking among cancer survivors increases the risk of late effects and second cancers. This article reports on Partnership for Health-2 (PFH-2)-an effort to develop an effective and scalable version of Partnership for Health (PFH), which was a previously tested peer-delivered telephone counseling program that doubled smoking cessation rates among(More)