D. C. Handscomb

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1. Introd~wtion This paper takes up a suggestion made by Hammersley and Morton when introducing their technique of 'antithetic variates' [1]. The), consider the problem of estimating by Monte Carlo methods the value of a definite integral and develop a correlated stratified sampling technique whose efficiency generally exceeds that of crude sampling by a(More)
An eecient B-spline method for the construction of a piecewise polynomial velocity representation from a given set of normal uid uxes is described for steady incompressible ow in three dimensional rectangular regions. The uxes should be deened across the face-centres of a cartesian tensor product mesh. The proposed spline representation interpolates the(More)
Many years ago, John Hammersley induced and encouraged me to work on this application of Monte Carlo as my doctoral research topic; as it seems that some physicists have recently become interested in the idea after its spending a long period in oblivion, it may be worth dusting off and explaining again. The idea stems from a technique originally developed(More)
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