D C Guevremont

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Correspondence training procedures were used with a young developmentally delayed child to facilitate peer directed talk in a preschool. The typical procedures that provide positive consequences for correspondence were not successful. Therefore, the contingency of a brief timeout for noncorrespondence was added in addition to the positive consequences.(More)
A correspondence training procedure was used to develop consistency between children's verbalizations and their subsequent behavior across increasingly remote settings and time. The interval of time between the verbalizations and the opportunity to engage in several target behaviors was systematically increased across four preschool settings. Probes of(More)
Interventions were employed to program maintenance following correspondence training. The use of reinforcement of verbalization and a mixed sequence of procedures designed to establish indiscriminable contingencies was evaluated in multiple-baseline designs across subjects and behaviors. The results indicated that target behaviors were maintained under less(More)
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