D. C. Dyer

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The conventional design of the heater in a silicon micro-hotplate employ a simple meandering resistive track to form a square element. We show that this heater structure produces an uneven thermal profile characterised by a central hot spot with a significant variation in temperature of some 50 8C across the plate at an average temperature of 500 8C. Four(More)
Recent investigations have suggested that the alpha 2-adrenoreceptor agonist B-HT 920 is also a dopamine (DA) agonist with a selectivity for presynaptic receptors. In the present study, the emetic effect of B-HT 920 was investigated. Intravenous injections of B-HT 920 (0.32-10.0 micrograms/kg) and a DA2-agonist apomorphine (3.2-100.0 micrograms/kg) caused(More)
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