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both legs of the bridge to filter out the high frequency component. There is a wide range of applications which require a compact, high efficiency solution for generating high amplitude, low frequency AC output. These applications include high power audio amplifiers , small UPS systems, motor drives, laboratory AC sources and telephone ring generators. Both(More)
In this paper, we propose an implicit high-order compact (HOC) finite-difference scheme for solving the two-dimensional (2D) unsteady Navier–Stokes (N–S) equations on irregular geometries on orthogonal grids. Our scheme is second order accurate in time and fourth order accurate in space. It is used to solve three pertinent fluid flow problems, namely, the(More)
Local drug delivery has received much recognition in recent years, yet it is still unpredictable how drug efficacy depends on physicochemical properties and delivery kinetics. The purpose of the current study is to provide a useful mathematical model for drug release from a drug delivery device and consecutive drug transport in biological tissue, thereby(More)
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