D. C. Dalal

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The flow in a thermally driven square cavity with adiabatic top and bottom walls and differentially heated vertical walls for a wide range of Rayleigh numbers (10(3)< or =Ra< or =10(7)) has been computed with a fourth-order accurate higher-order compact scheme, which was used earlier only for the stream-function vorticity (psi-omega) form of the(More)
In this paper, we propose an implicit high-order compact (HOC) finite-difference scheme for solving the two-dimensional (2D) unsteady Navier–Stokes (N–S) equations on irregular geometries on orthogonal grids. Our scheme is second order accurate in time and fourth order accurate in space. It is used to solve three pertinent fluid flow problems, namely, the(More)
The present study aims to provide a comprehensive mathematical model for drug release from microparticles to the adjacent tissues. In the elucidation of drug release mechanisms, the role of mathematical modelling has been depicted thereby facilitating the development of new therapeutic drug by a systematic approach, rather than expensive experimental(More)
Local drug delivery has received much recognition in recent years, yet it is still unpredictable how drug efficacy depends on physicochemical properties and delivery kinetics. The purpose of the current study is to provide a useful mathematical model for drug release from a drug delivery device and consecutive drug transport in biological tissue, thereby(More)
Paperless business has led to high speed amelioration in the world of technology. Storage, processing and retrieval of data have thus become effortless. To avoid unnecessary alterations during these phases, dossiers are stored as images or as Printable Document Format (PDF). But when real time modifications are to be made, barriers occur due to platform and(More)
The world is advancing to a futuristic paperless aeon. Stockpiling of logs, charters, records and other documents has become monotonous. Storage of these as &apos;soft copy&apos; is more convenient and reliable. This facilitates searching and sorting with ease. Generally such documents are stored as PDF (Printable Document Format), so as to make the(More)
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