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Twenty larval tiger salamanders (Ambystoma tigrinum) were collected from a playa lake in West Texas and maintained in the laboratory for 7 days prior to the beginning of position training. Ten subjects in the larval state were trained on a position problem in a T-maze for 5 trials per day to a criterion of 80% correct responses, using a self-correction(More)
Proliferative interstitial pneumonia of undetermined cause was diagnosed in 2 dogs. The clinical signs in both dogs consisted primarily of acute onset, rapid breathing, and raspy lung sounds. Radiography revealed a diffuse increase in pulmonary alveolar density. In both dogs, the primary pathologic process was diffuse alveolar pneumocyte injury, and the(More)
Suramin treatments were administered (IV) to 2 healthy adult cats infected with naturally acquired feline leukemia virus. Serum viral infectivity--as assessed by focus induction by the method of Fischinger, using serial serum samples titrated on clone 81 cells--ceased transiently in both cats during treatment with suramin, but returned to significantly high(More)
Spasm of the near reflex is characterized by transient attacks of convergence, accommodation, and miosis. It is usually observed in young individuals and considered functional. We studied seven patients with spasm of the near reflex who had associated neurologic disorders or head trauma. Two patients had posterior fossa abnormalities (cerebellar tumor,(More)
The offspring of rats fed a diet containing 10% (v/v) of ethanol were tested for developmental differences from controls on a variety of maturational events and reflexes. Results indicated slower development of fur onset and ear (pinnae) opening, more rapid and vigorous righting responses and shorter dowel-grasping times in the offspring of ethanol-fed(More)