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In recent years, educational technologists and designers have begun to explore a variety of ways in which physical and computational media can be integrated---for instance, through the design of "intelligent toys" for children. This paper describes our ongoing efforts at exploring a different sort of physical-computational integration, focusing on(More)
We develop a new off-shell formulation for six-dimensional conformal su-pergravity obtained by gauging the 6D N = (1, 0) superconformal algebra in superspace. This formulation is employed to construct two invariants for 6D N = (1, 0) conformal supergravity, which contain C 3 and C✷C terms at the component level. Using a conformal supercurrent analysis, we(More)
We expand the generic model involving chiral matter, super Yang-Mills gauge fields, and supergravity to second order in the gravity and gauge prepotentials in a manifestly covariant and conformal way. Such a class of models includes conventional chiral matter coupled to supergravity via a conformal compensator. This is a first step toward calculating(More)
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