D. Bulajic

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To realize innovative instrumentation for mammography, a digital mammographic head based on several gallium arsenide detectors and on the Medipix chip (developed by the Medipix collaboration at CERN) has been designed. This device is able to perform single photon counting readout and allows a full detection efficiency at the mammographic energies. To make(More)
The authors present their experiences of 45 female patients under the treatment of an acute purulent mastitis in five years period. From 45 treated female patients 8 (17.7%) were treated clinically, and 37 (82.2%) in the outpatient department. At the age to 35 years old, there were 87% of female patients from which 79.2% who bore the first child, and 21.7%(More)
To compare the characteristics of imaging systems based on pixel detectors of different thickness, we have measured the respective imaging capabilities, spatial resolution and spectroscopic characteristics. Each system consists of a single photon counting chip, developed in the framework of the Medipix Collaboration, bump bonded to a silicon detector. The(More)
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