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Our objective was to assess how far the progress in ultrasound devices has increased feasibility and accuracy of Duplex ultrasound (DUS) for the diagnosis of renal artery stenosis (RAS), in a population with high prevalence of atherosclerotic renovascular lesions. Ninety-one hypertensive patients with atherosclerotic disease were prospectively evaluated by(More)
The use of swine for teaching purposes in medicine and surgery has largely increased in recent years. Detailed knowledge of the porcine anatomy and physiology is a prerequisite for proper use of pigs as a teaching or an experimental model in interventional radiology. A systematic study of the radiological anatomy was undertaken in more than 100 female pigs(More)
Compression of the left renal vein between the aorta and the superior mesenteric artery causes a physiological condition, the so-called nutcracker phenomenon, but it can sometimes lead to left venous hypertension, or "nutcracker syndrome". Classical manifestations of which are an association of left flank pain, unilateral proteinuria and unilateral(More)
Several surgical techniques have been developed to allow liver transplantation in cases of complete portal vein thrombosis in the recipient. Despite this, these transplantations remain associated with a significant complication rate. We report herein a case of liver transplantation in a patient with complete portal vein thrombosis, underlying the potential(More)
In our institution, MRCP is actually replacing diagnostic ERCP. This study is addressing its accuracy in the diagnosis of symptomatic choledocholithiasis. 137 MRCP were performed in patients with upper abdominal pain and biological anomalies (n = 48), pain with cholelithiasis at sonography (n = 69) or non-alcoholic acute pancreatitis (n = 20) on a 1.5 T(More)
PURPOSE To determine how far MRA of lower limbs obviates the need for pre-therapeutic DSA. MATERIALS AND METHOD Three-step 3-D gadolinium enhanced aortofemorography with a moving bed was prospectively compared to DSA in 49 consecutive patients (40 males, 9 females; age range 38-80 years; mean age 64 years). According to Leriche and Fontaine's clinical(More)
This multicentre retrospective study describes the variation of therapeutic options, treatment outcomes and costs for treating subrenal arterial stenoses as observed in daily practice in 1997-99 in seven Belgian hospitals. Data were obtained from clinical record review and from the sickness fund claims database, and included preoperative functional state,(More)
Ultrasonography and CT-scanner remain the first choice nowadays concerning detection and preoperative work-up of pancreatic cancer. MRI offers interesting options for the detection of liver metastases, and high quality of ductal and vascular examination. Actually, while we await a larger diffusion of MR systems and radiological expertise this technique is(More)
Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia is a constitutional vascular dysplasia characterized by chronic epistaxis, mucocutaneous and visceral telangiectasias and arteriovenous malformations. Apart from family screenings, the disease is rarely diagnosed during the pediatric age given the late advent of typical clinical symptoms. Nevertheless, arteriovenous(More)