D. Briggs

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Anti-human leukocyte antigen (HLA) antibodies are recognized as an important problem in organ transplant recipients. This is because antibodies formed against a graft months or years after implantations are the major cause of late allograft failure, and also because protocols allow the transplantation of some grafts across pre-formed HLA antibodies.(More)
Original citation: Evans, N. D. et al. Structural identifiability of surface binding reactions involving heterogeneous analyte: application to surface plasmon resonance experiments. Copyright and reuse: The Warwick Research Archive Portal (WRAP) makes the work of researchers of the University of Warwick available open access under the following conditions.(More)
Complement has been implicated as a potential effector mechanism in neurodegeneration; yet the precise role of complement in this process remains elusive. In this report, we have utilized the cuprizone model of demyelination-remyelination to examine the contribution of complement to disease. C1q deposition was observed in the corpus callosum of C57BL/6 mice(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the outcome of osteochondral allograft (OCA) transplantation as the primary treatment for cartilage injury in patients with no previous surgical treatment. STUDY DESIGN Case series. Patients were identified in our outcomes database. Patients undergoing primary OCA transplantation with no prior surgical treatment and a minimum of 2(More)
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