D. Brent Chapman

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Synovial sarcoma is a relatively common sarcoma in adults, which in its classic bimorphic form infrequently poses a diagnostic problem. Monomorphic spindled variants, as well as the less common poorly differentiated variants, may be confused with other soft-tissue sarcomas; the poorly differentiated variant (PDSS), in particular, may be histologically(More)
t for improving network security. Used properly, packet filtering is a useful tool for he security-conscious network administrator, but its effective use requires a e p thorough understanding of its capabilities and weaknesses, and of the quirks of th articular protocols that filters are being applied to. This paper examines the utility t fi of IP packet(More)
The intentional inhalation of fumes from gasoline or solvents for recreational purposes is commonly known as Huffing, Sniffing or Dusting (Anderson and Loomis in Am Fam Physician 68(5):869–874, 2003). Inhalant abuse is known to be “Cardio-toxic”, causing sudden death and chronic myocardial damage (Meadows and Verghese in South Med J 89(5):455–462, 1996;(More)
Multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematopoietic neoplasm characterized by malignant plasma cells (PCs) that accumulate in the bone marrow. A number of different genomic abnormalities are associated with MM; however, detection of these by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) can be limited by the percentage of PCs in the specimen. In this study, we tested 20(More)
Previous studies suggest that adenosine A₁ receptor antagonists may promote natriuresis without deleterious effects on renal function. This study evaluated renal and hemodynamic effects as well as safety, pharmacokinetics, and tolerability of BG9928, a selective adenosine A₁-receptor antagonist, in patients with heart failure. In this multicenter,(More)
We describe 2 cases of balanced reciprocal translocation (BRT) mosaicism. The frequency of this aberration in the population referred to our laboratory was determined and compared to those frequencies reported in the literature by other clinical cytogenetics laboratories. The extent of BRT mosaicism was also examined in surveys of parental populations,(More)
Outpatient heart failure centers using a multidisciplinary approach to management of heart failure are recognized as essential to decreasing costs of treating heart failure. These centers do not typically employ registered dietitians. With hospital foundation funding, our objective was to develop the role of the dietitian and to evaluate the impact of(More)
In April 1997 the ILCOR Basic Life Support advisory statements were announced in conjunction with changes to the recovery position for use in the UK. This study compared the new and old positions by using a questionnaire to assess how well each position satisfied the ILCOR statements. The study was carried out over six different hospital trusts by eight(More)