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We report on the production experience of the DØ experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron, using the SAM data handling system with a variety of computing hardware configurations, batch systems, and mass storage strategies. We have stored more than 300 TB of data in the Fermilab Enstore mass storage system. We deliver data through this system at an average rate(More)
Dedication I dedicate this dissertation to my family, especially to my wife, Ivonne, and our three sons: Andrew, Matthew and Ethan. Ivonne's belief in me and support of my efforts made this work possible. The energy and enthusiasm of our young sons gave me the perspective and motivation needed to succeed in this work.
iv Acknowledgements I thank my dissertation co-chairs — Eric Hirst and Lisa Koonce for their guidance and support throughout the doctoral program. I also thank Steve Kachelmeier, but for whose early encouragement, I would not have made it this far in the program. I thank my other committee members — Keith Brown and Art Markman for their useful suggestions.(More)
The CDF and D0 experiments probe the high-energy frontier and as they do so have accumulated hundreds of Terabytes of data on the way to petabytes of data over the next two years. The experiments have made a commitment to use the developing Grid based on the SAM system to handle these data. The D0 SAM has been extended for use in CDF as common patterns of(More)
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