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— In this paper, a method for accurate path following for miniature air vehicles is developed. The method is based on the notion of vector fields, which are used to generate desired course inputs to inner-loop attitude control laws. Vector field path following control laws are developed for straight-line paths and circular arcs and orbits. Lyapunov(More)
Smaller chromosomes have higher rates of meiotic reciprocal recombination (centimorgans per kilobase pair) than larger chromosomes. This report demonstrates that decreasing the size of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosomal DNA molecules increases rates of meiotic recombination and increasing chromosome size decreases recombination rates. These results(More)
This paper presents a method for determining the GPS location of a ground-based object when imaged from a fixed-wing miniature air vehicle (MAV). Using the pixel location of the target in an image, with measurements of MAV position and attitude, and camera pose angles, the target is localized in world coordinates. The main contribution of this paper is to(More)
This paper outlines a simple algorithm for automated landing of miniature aerial vehicles (MAVs). Utilizing estimates of height above ground from barometric pressure and optic flow measurements, repeated landings were performed with a 1.5 m wingspan MAV. With height above ground estimated from barometric pressure measurements alone, landing errors averaged(More)
— This paper presents a new method for unmanned aerial vehicle path following using vector fields to represent desired ground track headings to direct the vehicle onto the desired path. The key feature of this approach is that ground track heading error and lateral following error approach zero asymptotically even in the presence of constant wind(More)
This paper outlines a method for using vision-based feedback to accurately land a MAV on a visually identifiable target of approximately known location. The method presented is robust to wind, capable of handling both stationary and moving targets, and capable of correcting for camera misalignment, state estimation biases, and parameter estimation biases.(More)
The proposed International Linear Collider (ILC) is well-suited for discovering physics beyond the Standard Model and for precisely unraveling the structure of the underlying physics. The physics return can be maximized by the use of polarized beams. This report shows the paramount role of polarized beams and summarizes the benefits obtained from polarizing(More)
The highly enantioselective preparation of trisubstituted pyrrolidine derivatives employing a one-pot nitro-Mannich/hydroamination cascade is reported. This cascade approach utilizes an asymmetric bifunctional organo-catalytic nitro-Mannich reaction followed by a gold-catalyzed allene hydroamination reaction. The products are afforded in good yields and(More)