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BACKGROUND Eating disorders are disabling, unpredictable, and difficult to treat. We did a prospective 5-year investigation of a representative sample of patients with eating disorders. Our aim was to identify predictors of outcome and to assess effects of available treatments. METHODS We prospectively investigated 95 patients with anorexia nervosa, 88(More)
A measure has been developed which assesses a broad range of attitudes which women hold towards their bodies. The Ben-Tovim Walker Body Attitudes Questionnaire (BAQ) is a 44-item self-report questionnaire whose subscales encompass six distinct aspects of body experience (feelings of overall fatness, self-disparagement, strength, salience of weight, feelings(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe in some detail the methods used and outcome of an application of concepts from Lean Thinking in establishing streams for patient flows in a teaching general hospital ED. METHODS Detailed understanding was gained through process mapping with staff followed by the identification of value streams (those patients likely to be discharged(More)
*The Flinders Medical Centre (FMC) Redesigning Care program began in November 2003; it is a hospital-wide process improvement program applying an approach called "lean thinking" (developed in the manufacturing sector) to health care. *To date, the FMC has involved hundreds of staff from all areas of the hospital in a wide variety of process redesign(More)
We ascertained the one-year prevalence of schizophrenia amongst individuals aged 15 years or older living in six villages in a remote area of Botswana. All cases were diagnosed independently by two experienced psychiatrists, following ICD9 rubrics. DSM-III criteria were also applied, separately. Accurate contemporary population estimates of the villages(More)
BACKGROUND Discharge against medical advice (DAMA) occurs when an in-patient chooses to leave the hospital before discharge is recommended by the treating clinicians. The long-term outcomes of patients who DAMA are not well documented. AIM The objective of this long-term and hospital-wide study is to examine characteristics of patients who DAMA, their(More)
Lean thinking is a method for organising complex production processes so as to encourage flow and reduce waste. While the principles of lean thinking were developed in the manufacturing sector, there is increasing interest in its application in health care. This case history documents the introduction and development of Redesigning Care, a lean(More)
To investigate what is lost or gained in a psychiatric evaluation when it takes place via telepsychiatry we compared the interrater reliability between two psychiatrists interviewing 63 subjects in an observer/interviewer split configuration in telepsychiatry and same-room settings. The measures used were the BPRS and interviewer ratings from a(More)
Despite the proven efficacy of Electroconvulsive Therapy [ECT], negative attitudes occur in some patients towards its use. However, research into attitudes of patients and public towards ECT, and the influence of the media on these attitudes, is limited and often contradictory. The aims of this study were: to develop a self-administered questionnaire to(More)