D. Belohlavek

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In three male duodenal ulcer patients, the effects of a 4-week treatment with a long-acting synthetic secretin -- daily s.c. administrations of 10 clinical units secretin/kg b.w. -- were assessed symptomatically, endoscopically, immunologically, and by means of gastric and pancreatic secretory analyses. Improvement in epigastric pain was noted within a few(More)
In response to graded doses of intravenous 13-norleucine-motilin (13-nle-motilin)--a synthetic analogue of motilin and biologically equivalent to the natural polypeptide-, gastric mucosal blood flow (GMBF) in canine vagally denervated fundic pouches was studied using the aminopyrine clearance technique. As 13-nle-motilin did not exert any detectable effect(More)
Under endoscopic control, biopsy specimens were taken from the oxyntic gland area of the stomach before and after administration of pentagastrin, synthetic secretin, and 13-norleucine motilin (13-nle-motilin), respectively. In 29 volunteers, the basal rate of 14C-leucine incorporation into mucosal protein averaged 41.2 +/- 7.7 X 103 cpm/mg protein (mean +/-(More)
The dose response of duodenal bicarbonate production during synthetic porcine secretin infusions was studied in six healthy volunteers and related to plasma secretin immunoreactivity. Secretin was infused in each individual at four different doses from 0-1 to 2-7 CU/kg/h, each infusion lasting for 60 minutes. Mean maximal bicarbonate secretion was 33 +/- 4(More)